Because success depends on the actions of others…

The mission of the Institute of Applied Mechanism Design is,
to put game theory into practice as the standard method of strategy development
for economic and political issues.

B2B price negotiations constitute the core of our expertise.
– on the side of sales and purchasing in the industrial goods sector
We speak of“pricing and reverse pricing”, or game theory in purchasing and sales.
In this area, our strategy consultancy has been highly appreciated by our clients since 2006.

Publications & Market Commentaries

Periodically you will find here from us publications and Market Commentary on current political and business issues from a game theoretic perspective.


Specially for »Game Theory in Procurement« we invite all six month to an expert panel (event language german) together with our cooperation partner Allocation Network, Munich

The rich in tradition Adam Smith Seminar, Center of
Conflict Resolution, is hosted by IFAMD as online
events. The Adam Smith Seminar is an interdisciplinary research seminar for the presentation of new work in economics, politics, and philosophy. The atmosphere is open and informal. Guests are cordially welcome.

We provide a game theory discussion of contemporary issues from business and economies to handpicked clients and to our network In a yearly chain of IFAMD Fireside Chats.

7th Expert Forum: Presentation Gregor Berz, IFAMD: Book Review Auction Literature (47:35, German):

Gregor Berz presents the Auction Cube on the 6.th “IFAMD/Allocation Expertenforum Spieltheorie im Einkauf (9:16, german):
Summanrsing impressions from 6.th “IFAMD/Allocation
Expertenforum Spieltheorie im Einkauf”, October 15th 2020 (9:06, german):

First rules of self-imposed principles motivated by game theory in industrial purchasing (16:19, German):

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